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Red Cross WSI Swimming Lessons are taught by certified Red Cross Instructors and tailored to meet the needs of each participant age 6 months to adult.  Although some swimmers may advance more quickly or slowly, our instructors ensure that everyone receives the instruction they need.

Red Cross WSI Lessons are released monthly online, and email notifications are sent out ahead to those interested in the session schedules along with the date and time the sessions will be released online.

Swimming lessons are open to members only but we have special membership options for swimming lesson families. 
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Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is the safest and most effective provider of survival swimming lessons worldwide, teaching ISR Self-Rescue® skills to children ages 6 months to 6 years old. With over 50 years of experience and the highest safety standards in the industry, ISR instructors are able to deliver the best survival swimming instruction in the world today. The result? Over 8 million safe and effective lessons delivered, providing children with a foundation for safety and a lifetime of fun in and around the water.

Please contact the ISR Instructor, Macy Page, at more information.
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Whether you are a serious swimmer or looking for a non-impact workout, we have the pool for you. We offer several classes in the water such as hydrotone, hydro motion, and hydrokickboxing and swimming lessons for all ages.

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• chemicals used to balance our swimming pools and spa
• calcium hypochlorite tablets for sanitation (free chlorine) of the water
• muriatic acid to balance and lower PH of the pool water
• sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) increases PH and alkalinity of water
• requirements of water chemistry (parameters)
• PH 7.0-7.6 is good ideal is 7.4
• sanitation level (free chlorine) 1 ppm - 8ppm  (ppm = parts per million)  ideal is 3.2-4.0
• calcium hardness 200-400 ppm
• alkalinity level 80-120
• temperature and volume of pools and spa
• recreational pool aprox. 50,000 gallons and 90 degrees with fountain spray feature
• lap pool aprox. 70,000 gallons, 82 degrees, 4 lanes and 25 yards long
• hot tub aprox. 5,000 gallons co-ed located next to lap pool and 103 degrees