The Personal Trainers at Capital City are matched with members based on individual goals and capabilities.

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Improve your results with personal training. 
Learn the basics
Understand your body
A fitness program developed for your specific needs

If you’re not seeing results.

You don’t know where to start.

You’re bored with your workout.

You need to be challenged.

You need accountability and motivation!

You’re training for a sport or an event!




Want to Train with a Partner? Grab a friend 2 or a team, train together in the same session and receive 10% OFF! 


All members receive 1 FREE CONSULTATION with a personal trainer.

Consultations will help establish fitness goals, provide recommendations, and give workout instructions to help get your workouts on track. 


Whatever your comfort level, we're here to help you reach your goals! 




Assess one's goals and how to best achieve them with a Certified Personal Trainer.



A trainer will have you perform movement patterns, along with physical evaluations to help them tailor the most efficient program for their you to attain your goals.


A trainer will create your workouts and walk you through proper form, sets and repetitions based on your assessments and goals.


Determining what plan is right for you is important in achieving your goals.

Single Session Package

➔ Recommended for individuals looking to find the right trainer for them.

➔ Learn how to properly use equipment in the gym.

4 Session Package (suggested once a week for 4 weeks)

➔ Recommended for individuals looking to obtain knowledge on safely using equipment and performing proper technique.

➔ Learn new exercises to add to your routine and check in on a weekly basis.

8 Session Package (suggested twice a week for 4 weeks)

➔ For individuals looking to transform physically and make changes to their fitness routine.

➔ Allows you to have more guidance with a trainer and increase your fitness knowledge.

12 Session Package (suggested 3 times a week for 4 weeks)

➔ For individuals looking to stay determined in their fitness and wanting to achieve a specific goal or learn long term tools for success.

➔ Progress in your fitness journey through in depth guidance with a trainer multiple times a week, increasing your confidence and holding you accountable

4 Week Plan

➔ Have a trainer create a tailored 4 week program to help you achieve your goals

➔ Recommended for individuals who are looking to relieve the stress of planning workouts and for those who are unsure how to plan a path to success

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Capitol City Health Club



Capitol City Health Club



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       Weight Loss

       Corrective Exercise/Injury Prevention

       Functional Training

       Boot Camps / Spartan Training


ISSA Elite Certified Personal Trainer: Fitness Trainer, Fitness Nutrition, & Exercise Therapy

ACE Certified, Group Exercise Instructor, SPARTAN Certified, SGX Coach, *TRX® Level 1, Qualified, *Barre Connect Certified, Associates Degree:  Applied Sciences, American Heart Association CPR & AED, 12 Years of experience

My childhood was spent outdoors and playing every sport I could. My love for adventure led me to join the Army my junior year of high school and during my 10 years of military service I deployed, had two outgoing daughters, and found my love for fitness. After having my girls, the weight just piled on, I started going to the gym and after losing 50lbs I decided I wanted to help others who were struggling.


I have helped clients achieve their goals ranging from a 90lb weight loss, to improving their golf game, Special Olympic athletes, Spartan racers, and the mom who just wants to get back in shape. I also started the first exercise program for the MT Assoc. for the blind and have now taught there for 10 years. In 2015 I finished the Spartan Trifecta and then went on to earn my Spartan SGX coaching certification.


I have worked for Capital City Health Club since we opened in 2011!  You will find me in the gym, hiking the trails, kayaking, or embarrassing my teenage daughters at their volleyball games. I have recently had two right hip surgeries back to back so I can help with making your comeback stronger than your setback. If I have learned anything it is that there will never be a right time, you must make the time for what you want to accomplish.  



       Body Building

       Strength Training

       Muscular Endurance Training

Philosophy: Greatness is achieved through hard work and determination!

Certifications: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, American Heart Association CPR, Basic First Aid, & AED

For as long as I can remember, athletics has always been an important part of my life and the person I am.  I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t immersed in the world of sports and athletics.  From elementary school to the present, I was always training for and competing in various team and solo sports.  Throughout this time, I always had someone who believed in me, supported me and encouraged me to give my very best.  They challenged me in ways that made me a stronger athlete and a better sportsman – all of which inspired me to become a source of support and motivation for others.  I realize that value of having someone on your team.  And I want to be that person – on YOUR team!

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       Functional Training

       Women’s Fitness

       Sports Conditioning


National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Group Personal Training Specialist, American Heart Association CPR, Basic First Aid, & AED

Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life. It started as early as I can remember when my dad owned his own health and fitness business and I traveled all over with him from gym to gym. I always felt like I grew up in the gym. In high school I played soccer and ran cross country. I went to college to study health and human performance to further my passion. Life changed a bit when I had my kiddos and I knew I had to take care of myself to take care of them. I became a certified personal trainer and began teaching my own classes. There’s nothing better than sharing fitness with others!

These days you’ll find me in the mountains, on the lake or in the gym sharing my passion for fitness and life.

My passion is showing someone the strength they have and helping them gain confidence from the inside out.



       Group Training


       Behavior Change Modification


AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer, AFAA Certified: Group Exercise Instructor

AFAA Personal Training Certification, AFAA Metabolic Connection to Obesity training

TRX® Level 1 Qualified, Licensed: Zumba®, Zumba® Step, Zumba Toning, Hip Hop Hustle™, Mad Dogg Cycling, Insanity, Neta Barre, Les Mills CXworx, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion, American Heart Association CPR & AED

I am a Montana native and grew up in Belgrade from kindergarten through my senior year. After high school I took 6 months in between high school and college and lived and worked in Australia. During my time there I gained some incredible life experiences but I also gained an extra 40 pounds of excess weight.


When I got back into the country and started college I knew I needed to lose the weight. At the age of 19 I did an internship at MSU and with some training and good leadership, I got licensed as a group fitness instructor. This internship experience started my journey into the fitness/wellness world. From there I earned my Bachelors degree in Health Promotion with an emphasis in exercise science and sports nutrition.


I have been teaching group fitness and personal training ever since. I have 17 years of experience and still enjoy working with people to help them accomplish their goals.




       Functional Training

       Strength & Toning

       Weight Loss

       Interval Training


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Nutritional Specialist, TRX Level 1 Certified, Conditioning Specialist, HIIT Training Specialist, American Heart Association CPR & AED

Fitness and nutrition have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.  I am fortunate to have a wonderful example from my mother of health and vitality. I strive to be that same role model for my four children (three that are now adults) and my husband.  My mission is to inspire others to use the body they have been given to fully live the life they serve.  I strive to inspire others to move and nourish their bodies daily by teaching people creative movement, functional movement, and how strength training can empower their bodies.  It is so satisfying to find ways to help people overcome their fitness obstacles and help them reach their goals. I have helped hundreds of people discover their potential and change their lives through exercise and nutrition coaching.

I believe a necessary ingredient to success is overcoming mental barriers and old engrained thought patterns we have surrounding exercise and healthy lifestyles. In today’s world we complicate things, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Outside of work I enjoy family moments,
playing games, my doggy, skiing, coffee time (its actually a daily event), crafting, eating fine foods and creating and prepping healthy food for my family. I spend many hours studying recipes and swapping ingredients to make yummy foods that I feel good feeding to my family.  A very important tip I like to share is that we don’t have to always meal prep but we should definitely meal plan. This is a huge part of setting up yourself for success. This also carries over to our workouts, plan exercise into your everyday!

I love exercising, to me it is lifestyle. My desire is to help you find joy and confidence in moving your body!



       Triathlon Training



       Lifting for fitness & cross training

       Yoga & Core


AFFA Certified, Personal Trainer, AFFA Certified, Group Exercise Instructor, AFFA Certified, Yoga, Indoor Cycling, & Core Instructor, *American Heart Association CPR & AED

When I was younger, I was very unhealthy. People that only know me from fitness are always shocked when I tell them I used to smoke up to two packs a day and weighed significantly more than I do now.  Occasionally through that time, I would go out for a jog and wish that I did it more often.  In 1995-96, I dropped about 35 pounds.   In 2000, I quit smoking after 10 years of trying. Don't ever quit trying to quit! I am so thankful for health and fitness and what has brought to my life that I want to help others feel the same way.  I have been a certified fitness instructor since 2009, and I like to teach it all! 


I have been with Capital City Health Club since it opened and earned my personal trainer certification shortly thereafter.  It's been a wonderful journey helping people get stronger and show them that they can do more than they think they can. Clients with me have completed their first triathlon, half marathon or 5K. They do the work, but I am their best cheerleader! I’ve gone from being an overweight lethargic smoker to an ultra-distance athlete completing many marathons, 50Ks and even a couple 50-mile runs and 2 Ironman triathlons. No – you don’t have to run 50 miles to be fit, but everyone needs to find their own fun way to move. My passion is showing someone the strength they have and helping them gain confidence from the inside out.


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       Strength training
       Behavior modification
       Weight loss


ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor, 22+ years kickboxing experience, Turbo Kick, American Heart Association CPR & AED


All of my childhood was spent playing and recreating outdoors here in my native Montana!  I love the mountains and everything associated with them!  Downhill skiing, backcountry/cross country skiing, hiking, backpacking and hunting as well as ice skating are all activities I grew up with and still enjoy them.  I learned from a young age that I needed to work hard to stay in shape in order to be able to continue to enjoy all these sports throughout my entire life, not just in my younger years.

After giving birth to my daughters and being diagnosed with a heart condition, it became far tougher to stick to a healthy lifestyle and exercise schedule while working full time and raising children.  I made the decision to work harder and also teach my girls the valuable lesson of working for and sticking with a healthy lifestyle imbued with lots of exercise.

Over the years I've enjoyed teaching others the skills of kickboxing, the proper form and mechanics in strength training and those outdoor sports I love so much and that prompted me to pursue my personal training certificate.

I enjoy working with people on an individual basis to help them achieve their fitness goals.

The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen!!!



       Weight Loss

       Strength Training


       Functional Fitness

       HIIT Interval Training

       Rebab from injury


*ACE Certified Personal Trainer, *ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Les Mills Body Pump, Les Mills Sprint, TRX Level 1 Qualified Indoor Cycling, *American Heart Association CPR & AED, 24 years of experience

I have been teaching classes since 1996! I became interested in teaching because my experience on dance teams. I began when dance exercise was extremely popular and I became more and more interested in strength training, running, hiking and cycling. I became certified as a personal trainer in 2003 and now enjoy both teaching and training! In 2003 I was motivated to become a trainer, but the dance world was telling me that my body wasn’t built for training. That rejection made my drive even stronger and help people of all shapes and sizes. What matters overall is health and fitness, not the shape of our bodies!


I am a Helena native and enjoy hiking, biking and skiing. I invite anyone to join me in obtaining a healthier lifestyle and a stronger body. I love helping clients through injury and joint replacement surgeries.


"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthier body, but it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity!" John F Kennedy.

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Capital City Health-16.jpg



       Strength training
       Weight Lifting
       Body Building
       Sports Training


NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CPR & AED Certified


I grew up in Helena for most of my life and became immersed in many athletic sports including powerlifting, football, baseball, and track. I became passionate about the healthy lifestyle that followed training for those sports, and soon realized fitness was one of the biggest positive influences on my life.


In high school I began to combine my passion for fitness and helping others by giving advice and guiding younger kids who were new to lifting. I was in multiple athletic programs and always offered to help others who wanted to improve themselves and I believe it is my responsibility to help teach others the right way to better themselves.



       Weight Loss

       Strength Training

       Mobility Training

       Functional Fitness



NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CPR & AED Certified

When I got to Carrol College in 2018, I was quickly overwhelmed by classes, a new environment and trying to make new friends. Stress was more than abundant. I quickly found comfort in the gym as well as a new community of friends. Workout out not only helped me become physically and mentally healthier, but also gave me more confidence in all aspects of my life. I’m a certified personal trainer through NASM with my bachelors degree in biology with the desire to help others find the comfort I found in fitness. Whether your goals are weight loss, mobility, or regaining the strength to do daily activities comfortably again, I am confident I can help you reach your goals!